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Chemical peeling is a cosmetic procedure which involves application of a chemical agent to the skin to peel off skin layers. This is followed by regeneration of new skin which is smoother, even in color and brighter and has fewer lines and wrinkles.

Conditions ( that can be treated )

  • Chemical peels are most commonly performed on your face, neck or hands. They can help reduce or improve, acne and acne scarring, dark patches of melasma, rough skin, dull complexion and fine wrinkles
  • Acne

  • acne scars

  • wrinkles

  • Pigmented Skin

  • Melasma

    Method ( how it is done? )

    Chemical peeling is a simple office procedure which takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. The patient's face is washed with soap and water. The hair is pulled back with a hairband or cap and a disposable head band is put.

    The skin is cleaned with alcohol and then degreased with acetone. Sensitive areas like the inner canthus of the eyes and nasolabial folds are protected with Vaseline. The peeling agent is then applied either with a brush or cotton-tipped applicator or gauze. The peel is neutralized after the predetermined duration of time. The skin is gently dried with gauze and washed with cold water until the burning subsides. The face is pat dried

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    • The specialized clinic is only for dermatology with dedicated departments for lasers, hair, and general skin conditions


    Is there any special preparation required before treatment? Can I have a treatment as the time of consultation
    Yes. If you are a candidate, the doctor may be able to perform the procedure at the time of the consultation. If the procedure cannot be performed at the time of consultation, you can schedule one very soon after.
    Does it hurt ?
    There can be a slight burning sensation which can be relieved by a hand held cooling fan.
    What are the side effects of the procedure? Is it safe
    In the hands of an experienced doctor and quality chemical peels, side effects tend to be mild and temporary. Some patients may develop persistent redness that may last for a few weeks and temporary darkening of the skin.
    How many sessions are required? What is the treatment schedule
    Most patients require about 3 to 6 peels, spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart, to achieve desired results, but depending upon the patient’s cpncern and present condition, this can vary.
    When are the effects visible? How long the effect last?
    Visible changes can be seen in 2-14 days. Hwoever multiple sessions are required to get the desired results
    Is there any special care required after the procedure?
    After the procedure, patients should use moisturizer to prevent dryness and sunscreen to protect from sun. They should strictly avoid peeling or scratching the skin
    When can I get back to work?
    Treated skin will be red, dry and mildly irritated for 1-3 days but patients can return to work immediately.

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