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Laser Hair Removal Myths vs Facts

Hair growth in different parts of the body is a natural phenomenon. It can however also become a great inconvenience. Over hundreds of years, people have chosen to get rid of hair for several reasons- hygiene, aesthetics, and comfort. People often go to a great extent of pain and discomfort for hair removal with methods like sugaring, waxing, shaving, and threading. Thankfully, those days are over and now you can get the benefit of the Holy Grail in the beauty world- laser hair removal in Nepal!

One day you are looking in the mirror thinking of what to do with the unwanted body hair in your body. After several months, you’re standing in front of the same mirror running your hands through smooth beautiful hairless skin, and realize that it is going to be that way forever. Sounds like a miracle, right? Actually, it’s not magic, just science. That’s the beauty of Laser Hair Removal. It is a skilled, unique, and life-transforming process.

Laser Hair Removal in Nepal

Nepal is widely known for having affordable and quality laser hair removal clinics. However, there are only a handful of reliable and good clinics. It is important to do proper research so that you get the best results out of the cost you put in the treatment. 

Different techniques of removing hair have been prevalent for centuries now.  But the way these techniques work are completely different. Laser removal techniques have evolved and become extremely advanced and safe. Due to lack of proper awareness, and often misinformation, a lot of myths have stayed intact in the society about this wonderful process. Let’s break these myths, one by one.

Laser Hair Removal Myths & Facts

1.    Myth: The procedure is Painful

Fact: It only gives a slight tingling sensation. 

Many people are scared to try Laser Hair removal because they think that this is a very painful procedure. However, that is not true at all. Most patients describe it as a slight tingling sensation on the body. Depending on your skin type, numbing creams are often used to mitigate any chances of pain during the process. Moreover, compared to painful processes like waxing and sugaring, laser hair removal feels extremely painless.

2.    Myth: Laser hair removal works well only for fair skin

Fact: It works equally well for brown/tanned skin too.

Traditionally, laser hair removal worked only on fair skin. The reason is that laser removal worked by targeting the hair roots and destroying them. With the outdated technique, the laser would not precisely target the roots due to the presence of melanin (found in brown/tanned skin). It would be difficult for the laser to differentiate between the dark skin and hair. However, with the advancement in technology, the precision and accuracy of laser machines have increased exponentially providing amazing results on all types of skin.

3.    Myth: Getting rid of hair permanently takes up to years of treatment.

Fact: Only a few sessions are required for laser hair removal.

The best results take patience, but you don’t need to wait for years with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal targets active hair follicles only. However, our body hair keeps growing in phases or cycles. To ensure that all hair is removed permanently, it might take a few sessions to target all hair in each stage.

This is usually stretched out in intervals of a few months. Generally, permanent results can be seen after a series of three to six laser hair removal treatments, with each session spaced four to six weeks apart. This way, you will be completely hair-free by the end of the sessions and enjoy relaxing times for the rest of your time after that.  

4.    Myth: Laser hair removal is very expensive

Fact: It is the most cost effective in the long run

There are a lot of temporary hair removal options available in the market today- shaving, waxing, epilators, etc. Considering all the options, which includes a razor that can be brought in the market for as much as fifteen rupees, there is a common myth: Laser hair removal is expensive!

However when we look at the long term, laser hair removal is the most cost-effective. It not only provides permanent hair removal, but is also extremely safe. Moreover, all the hassles and money spent on going to parlour every two weeks/ shaving every other day- all that time is also saved. And as we know very well, time is money!

5.    Myth: The procedure is not safe at all

Fact: Laser Hair Removal is absolutely safe with minimum side effects

As long as you get the treatment done from a reputed, certified clinic, this process should not worry you at all. You should always look for an FDA approved Laser hair removal system. Moreover, you should opt for a certified dermatologist as well. Skin is the most sensitive part of the body, and laser hair removals have been designed considering all the safety in mind. There might be minimum side-effects like redness or itching right after the treatment, but these are all temporary.

The procedure is carried out only after determining your skin type. The dermatologist will generally give you a personalised consultation, and precautions to follow before and after the procedure so that you get the best out of the treatment. At Folliderm, you can get a free patch test done so that you are satisfied with the results and do the hair removal tension-free!

6.    Myth: Laser hair removal actually causes more hair to grow.

Fact: Laser Hair Removal gets rid of all hair permanently.

The other methods of hair removal like shaving, threading, and waxing remove hair only from the surface. Due to this, the quality and quantity of hair growing back on you can vary according to the process you used and the way you used them. However, it is not the same with Lasers. Laser targets hair roots and destroys them completely. Therefore, the hair removal is permanent.

7.    Myth: You can’t get laser hair removal treatments during the summer.

Fact: This treatment can be performed all year round.

People generally get rid of hair to be free of hassles and wear clothes according to their wishes in the summer. So, the time from October to April is also known as the laser hair removal season. You can read more on why winter is preferable here:

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to wait for a whole season to get laser hair removal done. You just need to avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment. You need to take one thing very seriously: don’t lie out in the sun or get a tan within 72 hours of your laser hair removal treatment. With a consultation from the dermatologist, you can get the proper dos and don’ts, so you can get the dream results no matter the season.

8.    Myth: Laser Hair Removal is only for women

Fact: It is for both women and men.

An increasing number of men have started getting laser hair removals. Because why not? It’s so easy to get done, it’s affordable, and it comes with amazing results. Many do it for aesthetic reasons, but many men prefer to do it for good hygiene as well.  Laser hair removal is a treatment that is not secluded to any gender, any skin type, or colour. Since this process does not require extreme medication, there won’t be any adverse side effects in either of them.

9.    Myth: Laser Hair Removal in Nepal is not a good option

Fact: There are excellent options in Nepal. 

The doctors are also competent and skilled. Now, the latest technology and advanced lasers are also available in Nepal. The prices are also great compared to other places around the world. With good research, laser removal in Nepal can actually be the best there is! You just need to find the good clinics.

These were some Myths about Laser Hair Removal!

Were you holding back your appointment believing in any of these myths? Now that these are busted, go ahead and get yourself a skin to love from the best hair, lasers and skin clinic in Nepal.

Folliderm also provides a free appointment and patch test before doing the laser hair removal. We invite you to our clinic to see our quality for yourself and get the skin of your dreams without any doubts and hesitations! Visit our website to know more.

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